Always on the constant search for a superior quality of Made in Italy

Handmade Pottery Made in Italy

Luce Ceramic is a consolidated reality in the artisan production of ceramic items Made in Italy since 1965 and is located in the District of Cività Castellana (VT), a historical region with a long tradition in the production of ceramics. Our company consists of a team of professionals with many years of experience in the manufacture of ceramics Made in Italy an create unique pieces entirely handmade using only the highest quality materials and 100% Made in Italy. The production is directed to the wholesale market for tableware. We count among our clients, shops and large distributors both in Italy than in the United States, reserving the direct contact with the end customer that requests it.

Custom ceramic tableware service

Suitable to meet all the needs of our customers, thanks to a wide assortment of ceramic tableware and ceramics also serving custom, we are always looking for new designs, styles and authentic modern geometric shapes.

Our goal is to bring refinement, elegance, sophistication, charm and high quality of handmade pottery in your table.