Dishware, flatware and fruit dishes for your table

Production of ceramic dishes Made in Italy for the table

An entire collection of white ceramic tableware dishes Made in Italy with an harmonious design and entirely decorated by hand. The Dinner line with the complete set dinner, soup and side plates is a mix of classic and trendy with a fine artistic touch that make every plate absolutely unique.

What is the importance of the right choice for your set of dishes? Our production meets the traditional lines with a unique design that makes it unique and unrepeatable, not a simple plate. Think of it as a piece of furniture in your room, an expensive item to show off to your guests. Imagine the expression of curiosity aroused by our Festonata collection tumbled completely by hand and decorated with traditional Italian subjects. Have you ever wondered why it is recognized and appreciated worldwide? Not only synonymous with high-quality cuisine, but a real lifestyle characterized by good taste, harmony and liveliness of combinations. Where to find nowadays a unique piece of handmade craftsmanship with this shine?


If your mind is rather more modern we suggest the current Luce Collection with its dinner set. The concave square shape can be combined with a traditional d├ęcor in a unique mix.

Another piece of originality? The Organica Collection, with its semblance of ‘unfinished’, the most beloved collection to furnish a house by the sea or in the countryside and fill it with its strong personal style.

By choosing Luce Ceramic you are free to choose and customize your style: simple, bright effect or white ceramic plates Made in Italy with elegant decorations to make your table in line with your special occasion.

The result is a collection of ceramic tableware where charm, elegance and tradition come together to give the table a unique and original character.

handmade ceramic tableware for catering - DINNER LINE