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Production of ceramic tableware Made in Italy

LUCE Ceramic offers a wide assortment of ceramic tableware and serving dishes Made in Italy: from classic everyday dishes to pizza plates; from cereal bowls to salad bowls of different sizes; from rice pots to trays and much more. Resistance, Italian design and high quality are the strengths of our products, suitable for any occasion.

A ceramic 100% safe and ready to receive your food. Surprise your family and your guests with handmade ceramic plates, trays and accessories, brilliant white crockery and refined hand-made decorations.

Our special collections Made in Italy are divided into white and decorated and include several collections, which you can combine and customize according to your personal taste. Our company always welcomes with enthusiasm and curiosity the most bizarre and unusual requests.

White collection

Luce Ceramic offers the classic white lines that meet all the needs of the HO. RE. CA. and domestic consumption. The dinnerware lines with essential geometric shapes as in the Pisa and Luce collections give to your table a modern and bright appearance. The round shapes, represented by Siena and Torino collections are suitable for everyday use in the family, but also for special occasions. The most imaginative and bizarre lines are in Verona collection; the new Organica line with sleek designs and asymmetrical, a contemporary and unique choice, but that does not give up any aesthetic taste and gives an artistic vein to your routine.


From the classic collection Deruta, typical of Italian ceramics, to the floral decorations with fruit and vegetables, the imaginative decorations lend a note of cheer to your kitchen and make your dishes more appealing. Give space to your ideas and choose the most varied decorative schemes.

For lovers of traditional shapes, we advise our Frutta Antica and Uva Antica decoration whose colours are more elegant and full-bodied tone recall a setting. If in your home you want to create a warm and sunny atmosphere, try the decorations Grenade, Girasoli, Fiori and Papaveri. Colorful and lively lines for each season to express your emotions, to please you with an important guest.


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